Temporary Hiatus

1 Mar

As you may know from reading this blog, I’m currently living in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The move here five months ago was a difficult but exciting experience, and I’ve made a point to keep updating this blog for as long as possible. Now, however, I’m embarking on a new leg of my journey and will be traveling all around South and Central America as I make my way back to the United States over the next six months. Sadly, this means that I’ll be sending back my cooking supplies and digital SLR and putting Sel et Sucre on a temporary hiatus. If you’re interested in hearing about my travels, please head on over to my new travel blog – Lifelong Adventure – and subscribe there. I’ll be making a point to keep track of any interesting food that crosses my path and posting occasional tidbits on here about it. And, come September, I hope to have Sel et Sucre back up and running with three weekly updates once again! Thank you to all my readers!

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